Dave’s Cake – 123CBD

Dave's Cake - 123CBD


Well as always I have to give the cbd boyz a big shout out and thank you for reaching out to and wanting me to review a few of their products. It’s always a pleasure when new companies ask me to review for them and I’m always very grateful for their support.

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Strain: Dave’s cake

CBD Content: 24 %

*** looks and smell***

Well just look at this well formed dank looking flower, it’s pale an dark green mix is a thing of beauty, with plenty of brown/ deep orange shoots all over this are stunning. It’s got great trichome coverage. It’s well cured an trimmed spot on. Once it hits the grinder it just explodes. As for aroma it’s a deep dank fruity bit of goodness. It’s got a deep fruity kush aroma to it that to me doesn’t smell like a cake at all but this aroma is very nice indeed. A sweet fruity dank aroma that just fills the air.

Dave's Cake

***Flavour ***

I loaded the dynavap , hit it with a top end heat cycle to get full on flavour to start with and it’s got a fresh sweet berry that’s all most a sharp zest onset that is soon followed by that deep dank kush earthy bite an then on the exhale it’s very much the same and the fruit lingers on the tongue.


So I can see this one help me with the relaxation I’m always after, I had a tension headache that after hitting this had eased. It’s not overly heavy on the body for me but it does just what I want just to help me settle down after a long days grind. For me it’s not a super strong hit as I’d have expected for a 24% cbd content. But that’s just me an I only micro dose with all my flower when reviewing, always using my dynavap to give a fair an honest review with the same amount loaded up every time.

*** conclusion *** 8/10

So the flavour is banging and so is the flowers aroma, a nice example of a cbd flower that definitely helps where needed not as strong as I’d like but very nice all the same. Well done guys can’t wait to try some more