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King Hassan

Got to give a massive thank you to the team over at cbd extracts uk for sending this King Hassan out for me to sample. It’s always a pleasure reviewing for you an service and communication is always great.

Strain: king Hassan


*** looks and smell***

The looks on this are great, a Deep brown almost in colour on the outside that gets lighter as you cut in to it. It’s quite hard but still crumbles up with out using a lighter. The aroma is a deep hashy smell that is like an old skool hash profile.


This one I mixed up with some flower in the dynavap (just enough flower to cover the screen) it’s effects are very nice and very relaxing indeed, definitely one that will help ease them aches from the days strain. I must say I was stuck to the sofa for a while after having a few good hits of this one. My eyes an body felt the warm waves just rolling over me.

***Flavour ***

This is a deep earthy hash flavour that has a kind of sweet creamy inhale but the exhale is a little different, it’s got a very unique taste to it that sticks to the pallet for a long time after. It’s kind of a sweet creamy hash that has a mild spice to it.


Another great product bought to market and if your in to your hashes this one will definitely get the juices flowing for sure. So keep a eye open for this one dropping soon.