Silver Haze – Paradise cbd

Silver Haze

As always a massive thank you to the paradise team for this Silver Haze and their continued support and it’s always pleasure reviewing for you.


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Strain: silver haze

*** looks and smell***

Straight away as soon as I opened this packet. I was hit with a sweet pungent aroma that is very gassy. It’s a full on sweet zest with a earthy spicy peppery back end that is typical of a haze. This reminds me of some late 90s haze. As for looks it’s a thing of beauty. It’s mix of dark an pale greens are a marvel to look at and it’s trichome coverage is awesome. It’s well trimmed dense nugs are a thing of beauty. When it hits that grinder it just pops in all directions. The aroma intensity just signs as loud as it can.

***Flavour ***

This is a dank tasting profile that hits with sweet notes on the front and soon followed up by a peppery earthy backend that has a mild spice to it. Over all a well rounded profile.


This one for me is a great way to forget the aches an stresses of the day. My body was left feeling relaxed an my mind clear of negative thoughts. Over all a great strain for me and being a haze lover this one ticks all the boxes and definitely worth grabbing some while it’s there.

*** conclusion *** 9/10

Absolutely loving this silver haze an it brings back some nostalgic memories for me from when I first started. The flavour and effects are on point for me an definitely see this not lasting to long at all