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ac/da sugar wax

Massive thanks as always for the support you guys have given me, it’s always appreciated and I can’t thank you enough for this acdc sugar wax.

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Strain: AC/DC sugar wax

Strength: 76% cbd

*** looks and smell***

All I can say to the looks of this is my gosh she’s a beauty. It’s just like the name. A sugar that is a golden orange in colour that is very much like a pile of wet sugar. It’s so easy to work with not to wet or to dry it’s just right. The smell of this is some what sweet zesty piney smell. That is not over powering. but it’s so dam good. Definitely a sweet smelling aroma that has my nose hairs tingling.


So with in 5 mins of hitting the puffco vision an a large size match heads worth in the chamber, I must say my eyes are feeling pretty heavy. My body is relaxed an my mind is clear. I feel this is a great evening strain for me it’s a bit heavy on the onset but nothing I couldn’t get up an get on with things. Just few this one is a great one for relaxation for me. It is a smooth hit that has left me feeling at total ease after the days strain.

***Flavour ***

So this is a smooth zesty inhale that has a piney/earthy exhale. The flavour profile on this works well and complements the sweet zest with the earthy pine. Definitely a great tasting extract and has my mouth dripping with sweet sugary goodness


As a extract lover this one is a winner, great to unwind with and the flavour that makes your tastes buds dance. Well done guys another killer product