Charas hash – Paradise CBD

charas hash

First off a massive thanks to Mike and Amy over at paradise cbd for sending me some goodies in the post to review. It’s deeply appreciated and the care packages always put a smile on my face

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Strain: Charas hash

*** looks and smell***

So the looks of this when I first got it was omg this looks like a proper bit of hash. I mean a real deep dark brown lump in the jar. Let’s just say was expecting it to be rock solid. I was quite surprised that it’s not it’s very playable like the old gold seal or some squishy black. The smell of it is very much like a bit of soils from the 90s a rich deep Diesely, musky smell to it. The one good thing is that you don’t need a lighter to break this up. It crumbles with ease and can be shaped quite easily. So rolling it out is not a problem if that’s your thing


Well I’ve loaded some of this in the dynavap. First time trying this style of hash in the vap an got to say I’m quite impressed with this one. I’m feeling a little on the heavy side after a long day this is definitely a great way to ease the pains from a long 13 hour days graft on a building site. My body is loving the sofa this evening my mind is clear and very much on point an feeling focused yet at the same time I just want to sit here and enjoy the ride.

***Flavour ***

This was a surprise as was expecting this to be harsh like hash used to be but this is so smooth and has a sweet earthy after taste that sticks to the pallet for a while after. The inhale on this is kind of creamy in my opinion noting like the days of diesel bar from way back when. Over all a great tasting bit of solid that was totally unexpected in flavour


Well if you loved solid back in the day then this one will definitely end for you. Overall this is a nice tasting solid that is easy to work with and hits the spot. Great job paradise another fantastic product for the people