Cherry Sherbet Live Rosin – DispensaryPens

cherry sherbet live

First an foremost a super salute to the team over at dispensarypens, for adding some extras to my order and this Cherry Sherbet live rosin look amazing. I was totally blown away and I am forever grateful for the extra goodies. If you don’t know about this company then take look at their website guys plenty of great products to be snapped up on there.

Strain: Cherry sherbet live

Strength: 1g/ 1000mg 80%cbd 10%cbg

*** looks and smell***

Well the looks on this are amazing a deep orange extract that’s swimming in goodness. It’s got a few shards in the jar that are floating round in a lovely gloopy substance. The smell I am getting from this is a tangy sweet smell that is kind of sour at the same time. It smells very clean an very pungent


This is a great relaxing strain for me, it has eased the aches an pains from my frozen shoulder. It’s heavy On my eyes an my body is feeling less coiled up. I am also feeling quite clear headed an my mood has lifted but most of all this is a great way to end the day for me. The sofa is calling me and I think after a few more hits this will be a great sleeping aid.

***Flavour ***

So flavourful, the inhale on this is a zingy fruity inhale. Being a cherry profile it’s probably one of the hardest flavours to get right. I’d say this is like a wild cherry more sharp an sour than sweet. On the exhale you get a creamy zing aftertaste that is very pleasant and unique, that much so I went back for another 3 hits to see if I missed anything hiding in the profile.


Over all this is a great extract an my first live rosin that being said a solid 9 out of 10 and I can’t recommend this enough if your in to your live rosins an gloopy extracts. Great job dispensarypens a killer product bought to market an I can’t wait to review the rest