Dublin Lava Flower – CbdBoyz/123cbd

Dublin Lava Flower

So this is the first time me trying 123cbd/ cbd boys and I have got to save a massive thank you to Dave for the hook up of this amazing Dublin Lava Flower. It’s always a pleasure talking with you an I’m very impressed with the customer service indeed.


Strain: Dublin lava

Area Of Origin: Ireland CBD Content: 17%

*** looks and smell***

Well the the looks on this are outstanding with it’s pale an dark green complexion it’s a thing of beauty. It has a great trichome coverage, it’s well cured a dense bud that is well formed yet not over tight. The flower came in a Mylar smell proof bag with bove humidity pack in there to so it keeps it fresh. An itis a little fresh out the bag but I don’t mind that at all. The smell on this is a full on nose sensation. It’s a lemon skunk x lava cake an the aroma from this is full on. A proper dank smell. I’ve not come across any cbd that smells as pungent as this. Lucky it came in a smell proof bag that’s for sure.



So after loading up the dynavap an hitting this I can say that I’m feeling a lot less stressed, I can see this one being a great evening strain for me as this is a heavy indica strain. Don’t let the 17% cbd content fool you this one is an absolute monster, I can not wait to get this in the volcano. It definitely will not last me long at all the effects are just what I want after a long day at work. My eyes are feeling quite heavy my body is sinking in this sofa anni can not wait for bed.

***Flavour ***

This is a full on dank skunk that has a sweet zest to it. It’s a very unique flavour profile an being a lemon skunk cross it holds its own and delicious in every way. I can not get over how much it taste like it smells. This is so More ish and has my taste buds doing the river dance Micheal flatley would be proud.


Oh my gosh what a excellent flower this is and it is definitely one to try people. Im absolutely in love with this one. Once again a massive thanks for sorting this one for me it’s a beautiful flower an I have to say I can not wait to try the others in your range.