Dublin Lava Live – 123CBD/CbdBoyz

Dublin Lava Live

As always a massive shout out to the teams over at 123cbd and the cbd boyz for the hook up of this amazing Dublin Lava Live. I can not wait to try this one been itching to open it an have a blast since I got it.


Strain: Dublin lava live resin

Area Of Origin: Ireland CBD Content: 84%

*** looks and smell***

So this sparked my attention after trying the Dublin lava flower and this one looks absolutely fire. It’s pale yellow complexity that is a soft resin that once given a little whisk like stated on there site turns in to a slush puppy style extract, it’s super easy to work with and smells delicious. Just like the flower but not as in your face. It’s sweet lemon like smell but with diesel fuel like fumes just fill the nose.


Well this one after adding a good pea sized peace to the halo and setting it to low I can honestly say this is a heavy hitter. I’m feeling very lazy right about now. My body has gone in to shut downs mode my eyes are feeling it big time. Just like the flower but much more on my level as I love a good dab an this is not going to last me at all. This is a great way to deal with the aches an pains for sure. Great for the evenings wind down.

***Flavour ***

This taste just like the flower did full on lemon skunk on the in hale with a heavy lemony fuel on the exhale this profile is probably the best I’ve had in a while for flavour. I mean it does not taste like anything else around I’ve tried. Such a great profile and I’m a huge lemon head. Not many lemon profiles out there will compete with this one.


Well yet again these guys have raised the bar for me an cbd extracts it’s going to be hard to find some like this. A great all round product that is a must try. If you can grab some do so you won’t regret it.