Gelato – DozeCBD


As always a massive thank you to the team over at doze cbd for this Gelato. I am truly great full for the support an care package you sent me. If you haven’t already tried these guys out then do so.

Strain: Gelato

Strength: 21.91% CBD

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this are great. The old skool looking round blooms are deep greens in colour with plenty of dark orangey brown pistols all over this. It’s well cured an the trim job is great. The flowers are coated on the inside with a great golden trichomes coverage. The aromas before you hit the grinder is that of a cream nutty complexion. When it his the grinder oh my the fruity sweet sherbet aroma just sings from the roof tops.


For me the effects are a very nice chilled one. After loading up the dynavap and hitting it twice. Now I can feel my body letting go of all that built up tension of the days grind. I can say I’m happy on the sofa right now. I can not wait to load up the volcano and let rip.

***Flavour ***

This is a flavour banger for me, to start I got a creamy nutty inhale that is soon ingolfed but a sweet fruity exhale that clings tot he pallet. This is one for the flavour chasers out there. Tastes pretty dam good to me. (I only use my dynavap and volcano I never combust my flower and always a low temp for full on terps)


A very very nice strain, does just what I want after a hard days graft. Thanks again guys for sending this one out an can’t wait to try some more.