Mango dream DozeCBD

Mango dream

Mango Dream

As always a massive thank you to the team over at doze cbd for this one. I am truly great full for the support an care package you sent me. If you haven’t already tried these guys out then do so.

*** looks and smell***

Well this one is a dank sweet smelling flower indeed, soon as I popped open the bag I was shit with a sweet dank aroma that is that of a sharp fruity citrus. Very gassy indeed. It’s got a dank old skool grassy skunk that just fills the nose and gets the senses going in to over load. The bud is nice an tight, it has a great cure on it. At first I was like this looks a bit tatty but soon as I got it under the light box this thing just popped. It shimmers in the light and is covers in brown/ deep amber pistols. It’s mix of light and dark greens are so inviting.


This one is a great mood booster for me and a uplifting feel to it. It definitely helped me unwind after a long day at work and I slept pretty hard to. I loaded the volcano up and let rip, so satisfying and that’s what counts for me.

***Flavour ***

Straight away you get a dank skunky inhale that is full of rich fruity citrus notes on the exhale. This really does taste like it smells, so good I can not wait to hit this again.


Such a good strain for me, full on flavour banger. The effects are not over powering leaving you feeling lifted. A great all round strain for me, great job guys can’t wait for the next instalment