Pineapple Express Vape Cart – Doze cbd

Pineapple Express Vape Cart

First a massive thank you to the team over at Doze cbd for contacting me and asking me to review a few of there products including this Pineapple Express Vape Cart. This is my first time trying these guys out. Delivery was next day an the owner Eddy is a pleasure to talk to.

Disposable vape cart

Strain: Pineapple Express

Strength: 65%

*** device***

Well this is a 510 threaded vape cart that is used by many these days, the battery is a standard draw activated device with the doze logo on the bottom. It’s a nice little matchy matchy set up an I like things that match an look good together. The distillate inside is amber in colour an from experience I’d say it’s been on the shelf a while, it’s certainly not the darkest cart I’ve seen so to me that’s no a problem. You get a nice cloud full of flavour from the cart an that’s always a plus for me as it feels like a better quality vape.


Well this is a great way to get that cbd intake on the go with a lot less people taking notice as so many people vape these days. After about 7 pulls on this I can definitely feel the relaxation kicking in. This is a uplifting mellow onset that keeps me on a level that I need to be at. After around 20 mins I can still feel the glow in my cheeks and my mood levels lifting.

***Flavour ***

Well this one is a kind of earthy inhale that has sweet under tones and on the exhale you get a peppery/cinnamon that is followed by a sweet fruity profile that sticks to the palate along with that cinnamon spice.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

Great little kit that does just what I want when on the go an need the quick fix. Thank you so much guys and I can’t wait to try some more.