Purple Haze – Paradise CBD

purple haze

As always a big thank you to the team over at paradise cbd for the continued support you guys never fail to impress me an this one is a bit different and special.


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Strain: purple haze

Area Of Origin: Tuscany

CBD Content: ~24.9%

Total Cannabinoids: 26.3%

*** looks and smell***

So the looks of this are something different, the flower is a deep purple almost black to look at. But soon as it hit the light box. All them orange hues and flecks of green, browns, oranges an purples all came to life. This is well cured and nice dense buds. It has the right amount of spring in it an fluffs up great in the shredder. As for aroma I’m getting a sweet kind of spicy/peppery smell that is typical of a haze. But it’s got a earthy undertone that has a mild berry infusion. It’s not over powering. So doesn’t stink the house out like some, but don’t underestimate this one she’s a tasty one.


See this one you think it doesn’t smell strong but my eyes are really feeling it and my body is just floating right now. Warm waves of relaxation just flowing through my body.

***Flavour ***

Flower has a great flavour profile. It’s just like it smells sweet, earthy inhale that has a spicy/peppery backend to it that leaves a fruity aftertaste.


This is one great purple haze strain. I’ve had others that were just stressed out to look purple and tasted dreadful but this is a winner an a must have if your a haze lover like me. A great all round strain for me lol ell done guys can’t wait for the next one.