SkyWalker – CbdBoyz/123cbd


Got to give a huge thanks to the cbd boyz for this SkyWalker, these guys reached out to me and for that I’m great full indeed. If you haven’t had a look at these guys then do so. Remember you can save 10% with the discount code below

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Strain: Skywalker

CBD Content: 15%

*** looks and smell***

Well the smell on this one is a beauty, it’s got a sweet spice to it that has a dank powerful aroma that fills the air. As for looks it’s pale greens with a tinge of gold/amber/yellow. It’s well trimmed an cured just right, the trichome coverage it spot on, a real good coating on this one with plenty of orange shoots for good measures.

***Flavour ***

So filled up the dynavap got this on a low temp cycle an it taste just like it smells, fruity with a sweet/sour profile. It’s a dank tasting flower this one, very well balanced sweet to dank ratio of that makes sense. I hit it the second time with a higher heat cycle an you get that dank earthy flavour that is followed by the fresh sweet exhale. Very nice indeed.


This one for me has just hit the sweet spot, I mean after a long week at work to come home to this and just relax is just what I needed today. My eyes are feeling heavy and the warm flutters in my cheeks say it all. I can see this one being a great evening strain for me that will help me sleep well tonight.

*** conclusion *** 9/10

Such a great strain, flavour and effects on point. Definitely worth a look and at a modest 15% cbd content this one works wonders an better than others with a higher cbd content. Well done guys thank you for wanting me to review a few products it’s been a pleasure