Strawberry shortcake – 123cbd/cbdboyz

Strawberry shortcake

Well a massive thanks to 123cbd/ cbd boys as always for the support and sending out an amazing pack with this Strawberry shortcake in. You guys should be proud of what you have accomplished so far and I can’t wait to try some more of your amazing products in the future.

Strain: Strawberry shortcake

Area Of Origin: Ireland CBD Content: 17%

*** looks and smell***

Well what can I say? Yet again soon as you open the pack you are hit with a full on sweet fruity gas. It is very sweet an very dank smelling. It is a deep dank fuel with sweet fruity high notes. The flowers are dense,well cured and trimmed to perfection. There are some beautiful brown/orange hues coming through and plenty of stunning trichomes all over these nuggets of perfection.


This one has left me feeling uplifted yet relaxed at the same time. I’ve been coiled up lately. The only thing bringing me back down a peg or two has been my cbd intake. This has helped me a lot today. I’m not on edge as much as I have been through out the day. My mind is now at ease once again. It’s definitely made me feel more comfortable in my surroundings.

***Flavour ***

As for flavour. This is a deep dank gas inhale that on the exhale you get a sweet yet creamy fruity profile. This is a full on flavour power house and it’s got my mouth watering and more.


Well yet again another great product bought to market. A great day time strain for me and a full on flavour banger. Well done guys an can not wait for the next instalment.