Wedding Cake Extract – DispensaryPens CBD

wedding cake extract

This is the last one of the 4 crumbles I got from dispensarypens it has been great reviewing these crumbles and they have definitely been some fine tasting and looking extracts so i expect this weeding cake to be just as good. I will definitely be ordering some of their other strains to review in the not so distant future. Remember to check them out guys.

Strain: Wedding cake

Strength: 1g/ 1000mg 85%cbd 10%cbg crumble

*** looks and smell***

This is just as sexy looking as all the others I’ve tried from these guys. Beautiful shards that are clean and well formed. It. Colour wise it’s a clear extract with a yellow tint to it, the smell I’m getting from is a kind of fresh mint with a earthy citrus. It’s very pungent and smells absolutely amazing. who doesn’t love a good old bit of Wedding cake?


This one for me is a uplifting strain that has definitely got that sense of well-being to it. I am feeling a lot less stressed after hitting this in the puffco vision plus. It’s very smooth and refreshing in the mind nothing that’s to over powering. I can function just fine on this and definitely feeling a little more energy that what I have had today.

***Flavour ***

This tastes just like it smells a refreshing minty citrus inhale that gets the taste buds flowing. It’s got a earthy kind of exhale that is smooth and full of flavour that’s like a sort of soft fruity alcohol aftertaste. It’s a refreshing flavour that is definitely one for those flavour chasers among us


Yet again another great extract produced by dispensarypens. This is a great get up and go extract for me and can easily be used day an night. Well don’t guys thanks again and I can’t wait to try some of your other products