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dynavap 2020m

***dynavap concentrate coil and 2020m 2 years of use***

Manufacturer: dynavap


***Dynavap 2020m***

Being a avid mod user. I got fed up with flat battery’s at the most inconvenient times. An always forgetting to charge my mod like I always do.

With all I have herd I just had to try this mech mod for my self. It’s a no brainer really only thing I have to do is remember to put gas in the lighter.

To start with I bought a nice little jet lighter that has 3 flames. As read a lot an found 3 flames the best for beginners. (now I use a single jet for pin point heating)

This is a great device for micro dosing as it holds 0.1g of flower. I wasn’t expecting much of a hit from so little product but dam was I wrong.


The flavours that come from this are unbelievable, I mean so much better for me than any of my portable mods I have here. I mean I can not put in to words what it’s like you get the full on terps on a low temp hit. You rally can taste the rainbow with this device.

***air flow***

Air flow is second to none and can’t get some pretty good rips on this puppy. It’s nice as it’s got the right amount of air flow restrictions an if you burp it as you go you get a gel I’ll on dense vapour that fills the room.


It’s easy to take apart an clean and that is always a plus as cleaning mods is a pain in the back side for me. I don’t want to spend loads of time doing it and this can be done in like 5 minutes flat. Just take apart quick dip in some iso and a few cotton buds and you let good to go, just remember to rinse it all with nice clean warm water and dry it.


So I bought this coil to get in to the world of extracts an all I can say is this little coil is a thing of beauty.

It holds so much extract once you have heated it up. The flavours it produces are pretty dam good to.

It’s almost on par with a proper rig flavour wise. Granted it needs cleaning after a few blasts due to all the reclaim it retains but that’s not a bad thing in my opinion a quick 2 hour dip in some iso and it’s all shiny again an ready for action.

It fits in the dynavap just right didn’t fall out at all and I was worried about that but she clicks in to place nice with a little twist.

If you are looking to try some extracts and already own a dynavap then this coil is a must. It saves buying a dabbing rig and is a great add on for any dynavap users.


This is the best thing since sliced and I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. A must have in anyone’s arsenal that is looking for a big hitter full of flavour and 2 years on it hits just as good as the day I bought it, I can see this lasting a very long time even though I want different colours I can see any need for changing my dynavap anytime soon it’s built to last.