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MightCBD – 500mg

First off a massive thank you tho the guys over at mightycbd for sending me their full range of cbd oils for Reviewing. I’m very humbled and it’s deeply appreciated.

Manufacturer: mightycbd

Strength: 500mg over the 10ml bottle

***Packing and appearance***

So the branding on these are pretty good and these guys have paid attention to detail.

The bottles are a nice frosted glass with a dripper built in screw top lid.

The liquid itself if a deep green colour that is typical of most cbd oils.

The boxes have different colour bands on them to indicate the strengths so you don’t get confused with them an that’s a good touch to have I think if like me and just look an grab a bottle.


So I’ve been taking this for a week now, 3 drops morning and night, I am quite a hot head as of late with alot going on in life like many in these crazy times. I can say that this has helped me with my anxiety and depression, it’s helped keep me from blowing my lid so that is a plus.

I have yet to try the stronger oils they sent as I want to do a fair Review on all 3.

***Over all rating***

I’m giving this oil a 9/10 as only been using it a week. I’m pretty sure over time as I use more I will see more benefits from it, but as it stands so far so good and I’m more than happy with the product and I would recommend this company if you are looking for some quality oils