Pineapple Muffins – HighKind Cannabis Co.

pineapple muffins

Massive thanks to @highkindcannabisco for sending me these 2 amazing products guys. They have totally got my seal of approval and look forward to try some more of the vast strains you guys have produced

strain : pineapple muffins crumble limited collection

Cbd content: 400mg cbd

Sourced from : @highkindcannabisco

Manufacturer: highkindcannabisco

***Looks and smell***

this is one clean looking extract I mean this this just looks so dam good for a crumble, it’s more like soft butter to scoop out it’s so soft that it doesn’t crumble it a real nice consistency, thick yet creamy so to speak. The smell from this is a sweet ripe creamy pineapple it with a earthy kick when you take your time to enjoy the inhale in the nostrils.


as the name suggests you get a fruity zingy pineapple flavour that is so dam good on both inhale and exhale. On the exhale you get that’s creamy fruity goodness from all the terps an it is a real flavoursome extract that of like me you chase them terpy fruity flavours then this is one for you


Yet again highkind have produced a great extract that leaves you feeling real good about your day. My mind is now at ease, I’m feeling quite relaxed now after being very uptight and anxious for best part of the day. After taking a small amount as a test I can say that this is yet another special product that speaks volumes to me. My eyes and body are alittle heavy but my mind is now feeling clear from the days strain. This is another high end extract and will 1000% be getting some more of this

***Conclusion*** 10/10

Well what can I say apart from God bless the guys over at highkind for providing such a powerful extract. It is a real eye opener for sure and I can say this you might think oh that seam expensive but hands down it’s worth every single penny. If your looking for the finer things in life this company produces some of the finest Extracts I’ve tried to date, great job guys and thank you