Special Sauce – HighKind Cannabis Co.

special sauce

First off massive thanks for the carepack guys I’m deeply humbled and very excited to try these

strain : special sauce

Cbd content: 95%

Sourced from : @highkindcannabisco

Manufacturer: highkindcannabisco


***Looks and smell***

Off the bat this is one sexy looking set of diamonds. I mean just look at them they look like raw diamonds before being refined for selling. The smell from these little beauties is a sweet sort of berry smell with a earthy musky after tone to it. It’s quite hard to put a finger on but dam it smells good. It’s very strong in smell an the aroma lingers for a good while too in the air.

special sauce


The musky berry taste to this is about as good as it gets, I mean the flavour from this is a sweet berry inhale with that earthy musky exhale yet the berry taste is there right to the end. I can’t put my finger on what Berries are in this but dam it’s tasty as hell.


This is one for the heavy weights I think, at first I was like oh just another extract that does alright an with in 3 mins it was 100% being smacked in the face with a bat. Like full on head an body high and it’s very intense for the first 15 mins or so from the on set of the effects. I used not even half a grain of rice size as a tester an man alive I’m glad I didn’t go over the top like I tend to do. If your using a rig with this warning take it easy if your not a seasoned vet. But if your looking for that full on hit then go for it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you hehe.

After 25 mins or so I levelled out an was at total ease, clear headed an ready for another cheeky one before bed

highkind special sauce

***Conclusion*** 10/10

What a extract, such a great job from these guys at highkind. I can not wait to try some more as if they are anything like this one it’s going to be a fun-filled experience that’s for sure