Zkittles – Doctor Herb


Here we have my first review for doctor herb, I’ve got to give a massive thanks for them reaching out to me and sending me a great little selection of product including this Zkittles to review. If you haven’t checked them out then do so people.


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Strength: 21% CBD

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this are a thing of beauty, nice dense nug that is well cured and timed. The flower is a mix of dark greens with plenty of amber pistols popping out all over the place. The trichome coverage is great and once it hit the grinder it dusted it in a lovely trichome coating. As for smells I’m getting a fresh fruity aroma that has a light dank smell it’s not over powering but it’s definitely sweet and fresh.


This has left me feeling relaxed and stress levels subsiding to the point of what stress. My eyes are feeling this one but on the other hand I’m feeling as this one would help me in the day time to control my anxiety and stress levels.


***Flavour ***

So on the inhale I’m getting a fresh smooth draw that has a fruity flavour to it. It’s hard to put my finger on what kind of fruits but it’s fresh flavour not harsh at all,So smooth. You do get that dank Hempy profile that clings to the taste buds. Very moreish indeed. Just taste so good in the dynavap


Well what a start to the reviews for doctor herb, I’m very great full for sure and this is a great day time strain for me. Flavours and effects are on point. Great job guys and I can not wait to sample the rest