Animal Mintz – GradedGreen

animal mintz

As always a massive thank you to the gradedgreen family for the drop, these new strains look an the animal mintz smells amazing. You guys always pushing forward with product development and strive on high quality.

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Strain: Animal Mintz

Strength: 23% cbd

*** looks and smells***

The looks on this are out of hand I mean the photos just don’t do it justice at all, this flower is a thing of beauty. It shines in the light as it’s covered inside and out with a sea of trichomes. These buds are cured and trimmed to perfection. It’s pale an dark greens are stunning. The aroma I’m getting is that of a sharp zesty Granny Smith apple when you cut it open for the first time along with a deep herb that’s got a little bit of spice to it. It’s a dank smelling flower this one. Not getting much in the way of mints in the aroma though.


For me this one is a great day time strain, I’m feeling uplifted from this. Now feeling quite alert and full of energy, being a well balanced hybrid and this one is great get the task in hand done with more focus. Definitely a great mood lifter and can see it helping me a lot with my mood swings that’s for sure.

***Flavour ***

this is such a great tasting flower it’s got a fruity inhale that is kind of sour. Then you get a Mild minty middle the on the exhale u get a deep kind peppery spice that is yet still sweet.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Such a great looking and smelling flower, graded have done it again for me. A truly great example of what I like in a flower. All round winner for me.