Banana Milk – Hemp & Herb

banana milk

As always a massive thank you to the team over at hemp and herb cbd for this Banana milk. I am truly great full for the support an care package you sent me. If you haven’t already tried these guys out then do so. An a massive congratulations on the awards you picked up yesterday you should be proud of what your brand is achieving.

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Strain: banana milk

Strength: 15~% CBD

*** looks and smell***

Right off the bat the looks on this are amazing, pale greens with deep purples mixed in and it’s nice to see a flowery that hasn’t been over killed to make it all purple and flakey like some I’ve had in the past. This looks like some 90s purple haze like a real old skool looking strain. The trichome coverage is a thing of beauty it’s just glistening it the light. Trim is spot on an the cure is too add that to the dense flower that has a deep dank aroma, that is a skunky earthy aroma that has a slight sweetness to it. For me it’s a deep dank aroma that ticks all the boxes for me.


Well after hitting the dynavap this is definitely top tier flower for me. Can feel it in my eyes, body is really relaxed right now. I’ve been anxious all day, and this is exactly what I need at the end of a long day at work. I can see this one helping me a lot with the aches an pains of the day fade away.

***Flavour ***

It is a full on skunky inhale that has a sweetness to it but then is followed by a deep deep earth that combines with a creamy skunky earthy trifecta. It’s a great tasting flower an one for the old skool lovers of deep earthy profiles


This is a power house of a flower full of flavour in the dynavap, with fast acting effects. A definite winner for me an a must try. Well done guys an amazing job with this one