Bubble gum – Hemp & Herb

bubble gum

As always thank you for the continuing support you guys have given me, it’s always appreciated for sure and a pleaser always talking with you guys. So time to check out the new bubblegum strain. Remember you an save 15% with code

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Strain: bubblegum

Strength: 12% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Straight away the second I popped the top I was greeted with a sweet aroma that is some what fruity with a sharp red berry aroma that has a pungent hemp back end. Once this hits the grinder the aroma explodes and fills the air with a sweet dank profile. The dense flowers are a thing of beauty, plenty of deep orange shoots with a lavish trichome coverage. It’s mix of dark and pale greens are a marvel to look at and the trim job is spot on.


With this one my eyes are definitely feeling it , my body is at ease after the weeks grind at work. I’m feeling very relaxed right now. I feel this one helping me get a good night sleep indeed. Don’t let the 12 % put you off I find this one works better than others with nighter stated cbd content. A great evening wind down for me. My anxiety has been all over this week and I feel that is will bring it down back to a manageable level.

***Flavour ***

After loading the dynavap and taking a low temp hit you are hit with that dank fruity Hempy flavour that is sweet yet gritty. It tastes just like it smells fruity berry exhale that carry’s a deep dank Hempy undertone. This is a flavoursome hit for sure and definitely one that you can’t just have the one pull.


What a flavour full flower with some great effects. A all round winner for me and definitely worth a look at and making that purchase. Well done guys and thanks again can not wait for the next instalment