Pistachio – Hemp & Herb


Here we go Pistachio my first review or hemp and herb, got to say a huge thank you to their team for a prompt delivery and a few extra samples put in the bag for me to try. It’s very much appreciated. Go check them out guys an save 15% off your orders

Code: cr15


Strain: Pistachio

Strength: label says 23%

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this flower are pretty dam good, it’s a nice dense flower that is dry to the touch yet when ground up had that print init still. It’s covered in trichomes and is a real frosty one. It’s pale and dark greens are a thing of beauty with some orange pistols in the mix make it for a thing of beauty. As for the smell this one has a light musky/sour smell, that has a sweet pine/woody undertone. An once ground them smell just intensified.


As for effects this one was a bit of a creeper. At first I was like oh this is pants but after about 10 to 15 mins I can say I’m feeling pretty warm faced my eyes are a little heavy. My foot has stopped aching after being a bit of a pain today an playing up. But my mind is feeling at ease and feeling quite relaxed now.

***Flavour ***

Flavours are just like the smell a creamy inhale that is musky/woody. On the exhale you get that sweet pine. Over all it’s a great flavour profile


A great night or day strain that is a pleasure to vape/smoke. It’s a great strain me and am feeling very much at ease. Well done guys and many thanks for wanting me to review this strain for you