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blnd pollen

As always a huge thank you to the team over at the cbd flower shop for the Blond pollen hook up. It’s always a great pleasure working with you and reviewing your products. Do check them out guys some quality products and always a prompt delivery

Strain: Blond pollen

*** looks and smell***

Looking at the blond it’s a lovely pale green with some dark flecks to it. It looks quite hard but as soon as you got so break some up it just fluffs up in to a smooth pollen no need for a lighter here. The smells from this are earthy like most pollen is. It’s been cut nice and well presented in its little baggy.


Well with this I loaded a tiny amount of flower in my dynavap to cover the screen so I didn’t end up with a load of pollen in my mouth, then loaded the rest of the chamber with pollen. This ones is a body high for me a real relaxing mellow vibe. This will do you proud of u suffer with aches an pains. Don’t get me wrong it’s a little heady but full on body for me. Such a great way to chill out after a long day

***Flavour ***

Straight away this is a earthy inhale that has a kind of creamy ness to it. It’s a real deep earthy exhale too. Not to much else in the way of flavour. But a earthy creamy profile. It sticks to the pallet and is a real nice pollen. I must say I do like it, it’s like a real old style pollen you used to get in the 90s when u saved up all your trim an froze it to get every last bit for flower


This is a great pollen and well needed for a relaxing evening just what the doctor ordered. Great job guys can’t wait till the next instalment. Thanks again for sending this out for review