Chocolope – The CBD FlowerShop


I got to say a huge thanks for the team over at the cbd flower shop for approaching me once again wanting me to review a couple more strains for them this ones their Chocolope . It’s deeply appreciated and this company was where my journey began last January and I just love how far they have come and continue to grow. Go check them out people

*** looks and smell***

Oh my gosh the second you break that air tight packing you can really smell this flower. I mean it’s so dam sweet. Soon as I opened this one I knew o was in for a treat. The smell from this is at first a really sweet dank smell. With that formidable haze sweet peppery backend that I love so much. Being a huge haze fan this one is up there it’s stinking up the place with a pungent aroma. I could smell this all day long. As for looks this is a dense bud that has been curbed just right. It grinds up so nice and this think looks white from the amount of trichomes this thing is packing. I mean its just glistening in the light.


The effects from this are uplifting, yet my body is feeling relaxed. My eyes are feeling a little heavy but still feeling very much alert. This is a great way to pick yourself up when feeling low or battling them manic highs and this will bring you back down or pick you up to the right level of where you need an want to be.

***Flavour ***

Straight away you are hit with a sweet sweet fruity inhale that is so dam tasty it’s just what I look for in a flower. You can’t beat this sweet haze profile that’s good a soft peppery back end one the exhale, it’s so dank and totally up there with some of the best tasting cbd flower I’ve had to date and definitely a new favourite profile of mine


What a game changer for me this flower rocks, a great all day strain that is sure to get your taste buds rocking, body floating and mind free from stress. Great job guys it’s a winner for me