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Lemon cherry gelato

First things first check this Lemon cherry Gelato, a great big thank you to the team over at the cbd flower shop for sending some of their new extracts to sample. If you don’t know about these guys then do check them out as they are always producing great products at great prices


Strain: Lemon cherry gelato

Strength: 1g cbd shatter 77.67%

*** looks and smell***

First off the new packing is great very eye catching. The extract came in a little plastic pot with a black screw top nothing special but does the trick. Its keeping this beautiful amber block in place. As for the extract it’s a solid amber colour that is quite hard until you break a peace off. The it just crumbles in to bits. The smell on this one is great a real fruity one. Can definitely smell the lemon and cherry is in the background such a good combination of aromas that fill the air.


So after putting this in the vision on the lowest temp setting, this one for me I feel like it’s a nice mellow one nothing to heavy about it. It’s more of a get up and go for me. Can see this one being a great mood lifter and a great wake an vape. I do feel more uplifted than I was so that is a win win for me.

***Flavour ***

Flavours full on like the smell, lemon onset with a cherry fruity backend. It’s clings tot the pallet and gets them taste buds dancing all over the place.


This is a solid 8 for me a great way to get your daily intake of cbd with impressive flavours to match. This is a must try for anyone who loves flavour and not looking for a heavy onset.