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Lemon punch

I have to give a massive shouts to the team over at the cbd flower shop for the little Lemon punch hook up, I have been using these guys for 18 months now and I love how far and much they have grown as a company as they have always provided top quality products


Strain: lemon punch

Strength: 8%+

*** looks and smell***

This nee lemon punch has a distinctive peppery smell to it that has a fruity punch to it. It’s very light smelling that has a kind of piney backend after the initial peppery tones. It smells absolutely amazing. The looks on this one are a tight bud that has been cured just right an is coated in trichomes and pistols. This think just shines and scream smoke me.


This on is a uplifting onset for me that gets deeper as time goes on. It left me feeling at ease with my self not so much stress pouring out of my brain like normal. I’d say this is a great all round day or night strain for me.

***Flavour ***

The flavours I’m getting from this are a light kind of flowery fruity inhale, that on the backend has a sweet peppery taste. This is a great tasting flower not as much of a dank taste but yet a light and fluffy taste to it. I like this one a lot


Yet again the cbd flower shop coming with another great tasting product. An a must try if you are looking for a decent tasting with good effects. Thanks so much as always for the continued support guys it’s always appreciated.