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og kush cbd

Once again a huge thank you to the cbd flower shop team for yet another great pack this one is for their new OG Kush strain. Do checkout their website people such a great company from my own experiences over the last 19 months


Strain: og kush

Cbd content: 8+% cbd

*** looks and smell***

So right away you get hit with that Super dank sweet musky kushy deisel smell, with a little sweet pine note to it that has a zesty aroma that is so dam good. I mean this is a pungent smelling flower. It’s covered in deep dark orange shoots almost brown in places but the bud is a beautiful green with with an dark colours an in places real pale yellows on the inside.


What can I say just like their first batch i tried of the og kush.

This is a heavy hitter from the on set, such a great way to unwind for me. This one is a great pain easer, been having jip from my foot all day today. But with in 10 mins of hitting is the foot has eases ten fold. I am feeling at ease for sure an feel very relaxed

***Flavour ***

The flavours I’m getting from this are a sweet piney almost lemmoney flavour get that deep diesel musky some what Gassy but yet still that sweetness lingers. So full of flavour this one.


Well this is a banger of a flower and I must say just like the last batch this has only got better.

Great job guys and thank you once again