OG x Haze 510 Kit – HighKind Cannabis Co.

og x haze cart

As always a massive shout to my HighKind family on this one. I can’t thank you enough for this new OG x Haze 510 kit to try out I’m really looking forward to this one as the others I’ve tried were fire.


Strains: OG x Haze

Strength: 250mg cbd / 0.5ml /60+% cannabinoids

*** looks and device***

So this little matchy matchy og x haze cart and battery set up is a sexy look bit of kit in all white. The new avd stix battery is great it’s got to heat setting low an high at the flick of a switch on the bottom where the green light is activated, it’s draw activated so no messing about. Just screw on an pull away.

*** flavours***

This is a great tasting cart, it’s got a smooth earthy/piney inhale that is much like a lush kushy og. But then on the exhale you get that peppery sweet citrus haze. It clings to your lips and definitely one that leaves you wanting another toke.


This one for me is a uplifting strain, I’m feeling very much chilled out my eyes are feeling a little on the heavy side but on the other hand I’m very focused on the tv in front of me. Such a nice feel to this one and can see this being in my arsenal for a while.


A great all rounder the og x haze for me and the battery has good battery life and easy to use. Produces great flavours and clouds. Well done highkind another killer product bought to market