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platinum og

Here we go again people, i would love to thank the cbd flowers hop for hooking me up with new Platinum og strain to review. You guys have shown me some great support and helping me start off my cbd journey and it’s great to watch you grow and always bringing some great products to market. I’m very great full and it is always a pleasure dealing with you. Check the out people

Strain: Platinum OG

*** looks and smell***

The photos do this no justification what do ever this is one fine ass looking flower. It’s covered in trichomes. It has been cured and trimmed perfectly. Has a nice colour of light mush greens with some nice orange pistols popping out. It’s a real solid bud that grinds up an fluffs right up in my Santa Cruz shredder. The smell from this is as good as it looks right off the bat. I’m get a deep dank kushy earthy sweetness that smells so dam good.


Effects from this one are a heavy onset. Eyes feeling heavy my anxiety has totally done one an gone same as the stress. I’ve been coiled up like a spring this week. If it was not for this one I think today I would have popped.

This has a great body high to it. Leaving me feeling really relaxed an calmer than I have all day long. All the stress has been expelled from my body so that to me is a winner.

***Flavour ***

At first you get that sweet fruity dank. That is soon followed by the kushy earthy aftertaste that is so dam good. This one is a dank as you like. That earthy sweet taste to it is so so good. Even on the 3rd hit on the dynavap from the same load you get that deep kush that lingers.


This is one of the best I have had so far. If you are looking for a deep dank flavour that is a real relaxing strain. Then this is defiantly it it. But (more of a night one for me) then this is what you need to buy. Great job guys an see you again I’m sure of it and can’t wait.