Super Lemon Haze – Paradise CBD

super lemon haze

Here we go some super lemon haze, big shouts to the paradise family as always the continued support is always appreciated and I love watching your grow strength to strength with each delivery that lands on my door step.

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Strain: super lemon (new batch 10.11.21)

Area Of Origin: Tuscany

CBD Content: 23.1%

Total Cannabinoids: 25.3%

*** looks and smell***

Well this one is a full on sweet smelling lemon haze, it’s got that deep spicy pepper backend that has a sweet zesty front. I mean it’s a pungent aroma that fills the air and that’s so nostalgic and take you back to the good old day of the early lemon strain. It’s looks are another thing of beauty for me. The flowers are not super tight like some other lemons but are well formed, plenty of sticky trichomes all over that are milky yellowish in colour that gives the bud a yellow hue in the light. It’s pale greens and brown/orange shoots are a marvel to look at an this one is a stunner for me as you can see in the photo.

***Flavour ***

This is a sweet lemon inhale that’s more sweet than a sharp lemon. It’s very flavourful an the lemon really pops in the dynavap when heat d at the top for a full on terp attack. The back end has that deep spicy sweet peppery profile of a lemon haze that all us lemon lovers have come to adore over the years. A real flavour power house for me.


So this one is a nice mellow vibe to it, that I have found to be more uplifting and giving me a bit more of a energetic feel. I didn’t fee to much on the body with this one just relaxed and awake.

*** conclusion *** 9/10

Once again paradise bringing the heat to the market. This one for me is a great representation of a old skool lemon haze. The flavours work so well together and get the taste buds flowing. Well done paradise can not wait for the next instalment.