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Yet again another huge thank you to the cbd flower shop team with their continued support with what I’m doing and this zkittlez looks amazing, it’s always a pleasure working with you and a company I always recommend so do check them out guys


Strain: Zkittlez

Strength: 1g cbd crumble wax 77.67%

*** looks and smell***

The looks on this amber shard are fantastic just look at the deep orange shard that glistens in the light. It’s well Formed shape look like a lump of amber that’s been chiselled from the Jurassic period. The smells on this are strong fruity pine that gets the nose hairs dancing.


Well this one was a bit of a different feel to it, it’s a real mellow one for me definitely one to have in the morning if you still want to get on with your day. I didn’t really fill to much of an effect from this one. It was there in the background but nothing to prevent me from doing anything it didn’t make me want to site an chill just more of a up lift I guess even after going back for another hit I was still the same old me. I was more focused that relaxed I’d say but still a good little vibe to it.

***Flavour ***

This one is a little fruity with a piney taste to it on the inhale. I was expecting a full on fruity flavours to burst in my mouth as it smelt strong but this one was a nice floral piney exhale with a sweet back end, nice flavour profile on this one


A great get up and go feel to it, flavours nice a must try if you are looking for a light effect that won’t have you feeling to heavy on the body or eyes. Great job guys an look forward to the instalment.