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AC/DC extract

First off thank you so much to the guys over at cbd extracts uk for sending me 4 of there extracts to sample and review, this is the last of the 4 that was sent for review AC/DC. Its deeply appreciated and a pleasure chatting to you and watching your company take shape and many thanks for asking me to be one of the first to try these before they hit the market.

Manufacturer: cbd extracts uk

Vendor: cbd extracts uk

Strength:1000mg/1g cbd 99%

Flavour profile: AC/DC

***Packaging and looks***

The packing on this is the same as all there extracts, lockable top with vivid blue white and red branding on the jars. These are probably my favourite jars for extracts just because of the safety lock on the lid. The extract it’s self is out of hand this thing is a yellowish white colour and just shines in the light. It’s hard yet breaks up nicely well formed diamond shaped rock

***Flavour and smell***

Well for this strain it’s very difficult to pinpoint. The smell it’s kind of pine slash earthy smell to it. Also has a fresh kind of lemon smell to it. Not over powering in one note or the other. Just a well rounded out fragrance that is very pleasant and sweet. It’s balanced out quite well an I must say I like it a lot. As for taste this tastes just like it smells, a kind of spicy wood pine inhale with a sweet fresh exhale. I dabbed it on a low heat setting at first to get full on terps then ramped it up a level for a heavyset hit.


What can I say this is a heavy hitter for me. Started off thinking oh this is just ok but as the time has passed. I can say my eyes an body are feeling free from the days stresses an pains from a hard day on a building site. The sofa is a great place right about now. This is a great way to relax and feel at peace with ones self

***overall*** 9/10

I’ve really enjoyed sampling these 4 extracts. I can not wait for them to get to market so you can all try some for yourself. Massive shouts to the team over at cbd extracts uk for being some great products to market. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us in the not so distant future