Biscotti – Doctor Herb


Once again a huge thank you to the team over at doctorherb for the Biscotti hook up, it’s deeply appreciated and a real pleasure reviewing some of your work. If you haven’t checked them out then do so you won’t be disappointed.

Strain: biscotti

Strength: 20% CBD

discount code: cronic10

*** looks and smell***

This one looks amazing. This flowers very well formed indeed. Very tight and has a mix of pale greens with plenty of orange pistols poking out. The trichome coverage is great I mean this just shimmers in the light. The bud is tight, with the production of a loose cola that is thick in the centre. It is well cured an dry but sticky at the same time. It’s aroma is a mix of earth and musk. This has got a sweet aroma to it in the back ground and when it hits the grinder the aroma intensifies. Such a pleasing look an smell to this one.


After hitting the dynavap with 2 heat sessions I am feeling pretty calm right now and today I’ve been a bit up in the air. My mood has settled now an must say this one has helped me get back to ground level. Roll on hitting the volcano can’t wait for total zen and relaxation. Just what the doctor ordered for me

***Flavour ***

The flavour of this is a musky inhale then it is followed by a light earth with a hint of sweetness. Tastes just like it smells


Again a great evening strain just to help me reach my happy place. A great mood lifter for me and a all round tasty mix of earth musky dankness. Excellent work guys thank you once more for giving this to me for approval.