Blackcurrant Kush – Dispensarypens cbd

blackcurrent kush live

First off I can not believe what these guys have sent me check this Blackcurrant Kush (live) pen review. I’m blown away with this. I placed an order with dispensarypens cbd and speaking with the owners I was informed my delivery was delayed and that I would be more than happy with what they had in store for me. My gosh I’m totally speechless an that makes a change for me. Thank you so much guys it’s means so much what you have done it speaks volumes about you as a company.

Disposable vape pen

Strain: blackcurrant kush (Live)

Strength: it doesn’t state

*** Device***

So this is a simple design. It can’t get no simpler at all just a little rectangular mod that works on draw activation. It’s nothing special to look at but for a little device it produces a decent about of vapour. It is a nice tight draw but not to tight you feel like your lungs are giving up trying to get a puff out of it.


This has a great little kick to it. After 5 or 6 pulls my eyes are feeling heavy and my body is feeling total peace. This gets to work fast and has left me in a tranquil state. My mind is clear and body feels relaxed. This is a great way to get your live rosin fix on the go with out dabbing and keeping people none the wiser.

***Flavour ***

This is a deep hash flavour profile to it that has that a black current front end and a kush dankness to it on the inhale, this one definitely reminds me of an old school 90s kush that has got a berry exhale that is sweet yet earthy dankness that clings to the pallet.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

This is a great strain for anyone who wants some well need relaxation and I’m sure this will help ease any pains you may have. An absolute winner when it comes to vaping on the go.