Brain Mash E-Liquid – Canevolve UK

brain mash

Time to get your Brain Mash review on.First off a massive thanks to canevolve uk as always for the hook up. These guys have an extensive range on there website and at real good prices so do check them out.

With me not really being a lover of cbd e liquids this will be interesting as I have a few liquids to review.

Profile: brain mash e liquid (gorilla glue terps)

Strength: 3000mg CBD

*** packing***

So the packing on this one is great loving the eye catching design on this one. All the writing is clear to read and has some information on the box ie Bach date , expiration, vg/pg content and flavour profile.


Well hitting this with a 0.8 ohm coil at 12w I can say I do feel a little relaxed from it, I only had 5 pulls just to see how it goes as some liquids give me a headache. I can see this one having good effects and not got a headache as of yet. My eyes are feeling it and my body is more settled and the sofa is feeling good right now.

***Flavour ***

Flavour wise this is a doughnut profile with a strawberry twist. Myself when it comes to vape juices I’m all for fruity profiles I’ve been vaping 5 years and I just don’t get on with cake style flavour. This one to me is a dry vape it’s just how I find cake profiles. I’m more of a sweet fruit lover when it comes to e liquid. You do get that doughnut cakey profile with this one can’t say I taste much strawberry, but I’m just a fussy vaper.


Not liking the flavour profile myself as I love fruity vapes an not cake styles. This was always going to be a hard one to judge for me. Effects wise it works but flavour combo isn’t for me. If it was a fruity flavour profile I’d have give a better score. The 6/10 is purely for the effects an packing