Bruce Banner 90% 1g cbd shatter – Canevolve UK

bruce banner

Here we go again people this time my Bruce Banner review. A massive thanks to the canevolve uk team for the hook up it’s deeply appreciated for sure. Don’t forget to check them out people

Strain: Bruce Banner

Strength: 90% 1g cbd shatter

*** looks and smell***

This one looks so clean, it’s a milky white slab that shines in the light. It’s quite solid until you break peace’s off then she just crumbles. Such a great looking extract. As for the smell this one is fruity and full of a fresh floral aroma that gets the senses running wild trying to pick out different notes in the fragrance. Its got a real light fragrance that is so pleasing and I can’t stop taking long deep inhales trying to work it out.


This one for me is a uplifting kind of vibe, not to heavy after a hit but I’m sure if I go back for a few more hits this will leave me in a peaceful place.

It’s very energising yet peaceful at the same time. I can quite happily sit here an chill out but on the other hand if I needed to get things done this will help along the way.

***Flavour ***

The flavouring getting is a sweet earthy kind of profile but a real sweet fruity flavour. It’s a kind of berry medley going on can’t quite put a finger on the exact fruits but it’s jammed full of fruity goodness. The exhale is sweet,earthy and mouth watering.


A great up lifting strain, that is full of flavour and very refreshing. A must try for all you flavour chasers out there. Great job canevolve another killer product bought to market.