Candy – CBD Extracts UK


Lets all jump on the Candy train. As always a massive thank you to the team over at CBD Extracts UK for the hook up its always a pleasure reviewing for you and watching you grow as a company.

Manufacturer: cbd extracts uk

Strength:1000mg/1g 95%cbd

Flavour profile: candy

***Packaging and looks***

Well the packing is about as good as it gets I mean the white jars with the white red an blue all stand out in the crowd. Clean simple design that has a great safety feature on it the lid has a push down tip to undo that took me a few seconds to work out what was going on an wondering why I could not just twist the lid open. That for me is a great touch. To look at this is some glassy looking shards very clean well formed shatter.

***Flavour and smell***

Off the bat when you open the jar you are greeted with a sweet aroma that has a sort of soapy smell to it. That’s the only way I can explain the first impression. But on a deeper inhale you get a old style sweetshop smell so much going on. Zesty yet mellow fruity with a little bitter necked. Never the less it’s smelling great an I must say the Flavour on this is a quite refreshing it’s not a harsh at all. It’s got a grape kinda vibe to it on the exhale an a creamy sweet inhale. I only used a match sized peace of this in my puffco vision on medium heat I can imagine that when I run this in the banger the Flavour profiles will explode with sweet sweet goodness


So the effects from the match head sized peace are not over the top. I mean my eyes are not heavy, but my mind is very clear and focused. It’s not to say this isn’t a heavy hitter I just tested a tiny amount like I do with all my extracts to start with to see where I’m at after half hour. But I can say that it is definitely a smooth ride so far and I can sure get on with things yet feeling chilled an refreshed. I can not wait to get this in the banger and see where this takes me.

*** Over all*** 7/10

Such a great start and I’m looking forward to trying the rest in the range. Flavours great, effects are quite nice an I must say you guys