CBD infused Lube – Paradise CBD

CBD Lube

Well first off this is something that I wasn’t sure about reviewing this but who am I to let you lot down ah with this CBD lube review. Always pumping things out and always moving forward with my reviews.

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So a massive thanks to paradise cbd for shipping my order out promptly and without any hassle as always. Many thanks for the extra extracts you sent with this order it’s deeply appreciated.

***Appearance and feel***

Well how do you start a review like this ? The looks of the labeling are very clean easy to read an full of information on what’s in the bottle

( never read a luve bottle before normally just pump it in my hand an wack away)

So the product is a creamy colour that is silky smooth with in the hand to man relationship) this stuff is water based and does not leave you sticky after its been in action for a while unlike some other Well known lube brands do.

As for ease of use it’s about as good as it gets I mean u just can not keep hold of anything in hand, so if u got a toy u wanna keep hold of the do use the other hand to apply as needed not that you need much of this slippery substance. As for smell it doesn’t smell of anything maybe like a bit of moisturiser at most.

*** effects and satisfaction ***

Being a lube product I didn’t expect much effects wise having cbd init. For my wife on the other hand I think she felt that little something extra. She left a lovely mess that she will have to clean up after this session, should have put a splash mat down or something, it was like krakatoa all over again or the loss of atlantis when the island flooded. From now on I’m calling her niagara falls. So be warned get ya rain macs out cos your sure in for some wet weather business.

***Over all***

I’m giving is a 10/10 for a lube and we’ve tried loads over the years. This is one of the best we’ve tried so far

Well this has been fun to say the least and I can see me ordering more of this product as and when it’s needed. Great job to the guys over at paradise for bringing even more satisfying experiences to the world.