Charlotte’s Web – CBD Extracts UK

charlottes web

First off a huge thank you the the team over at cbdextracts uk for sending out this Charlottes web for me to review. Its been a great pleaser doing so and I look forward tonthe next one.

Manufacturer: cbd extracts uk

CBD Extracts UK

Strength:1000mg/1g 99%cbd

Flavour profile: Charlotte’s Web

***Packaging and looks***

Yet again another well packed product. I just love the white jars with the safety press down locks on. Again same as the candy I reviewed recently the packing is on point label’s spot on clean simple and well designed in general. As for the shatter inside again another top notch looking extract that is a very pale yellowish colour that just shimmers in the light. It’s super solid stuff I mean it’s called shatter for a reason as when u try to break off a peace it shatters. Great job on this one guys

***Flavour and smell***

Soon as you open the jar you get hit with that sweet earthy aroma that smells a little musky with a deep floral dankness to it. This one fills the air with its sweetness. As for Flavour it’s a clean tasting extract that’s sweet notes are there from the get go. You get that earthy musky taste on the exhale that is soon followed by a sweet floral Flavour that sticks to the pallet for a while


Well what can I say to the effects of Charlotte’s Web. I’m feeling pretty mellow after a few pulls on the puffco vision pen. My mood is feeling uplifted and the stress of the day just faded away, my eye lids are not overly heavy but they are some what lower feeling yet I’m feeling relaxed and chilled. This is a great day time strain for me i could find myself getting things done in the day with this strain. Yet could quite easily unwind at the end of the day with it

*** Over all***

Packaging 5/5

Looks and smells 5/5

Effects 5/5

Over all a great all round strain. I mean that has got it going on for me and a keeper in my extract arsenal. Great to unwind with or one to get up and do things with. We’ll done guys thank you for the opportunity of trying out your products