Critical Haze – Paradise CBD

critical haze

Many thanks to the guys over at paradise cbd for sending me a couple new strains of flower to review lets start with the new Critical Haze, it’s always deeply appreciated

Strain: critical haze

*** looks and smell***

Critical haze is one great looking flower deep green with plenty of orange shoots all over this one. This one absolutely smells to high heaven. A sweet fruity pungent aroma with a earthy undertone, this ticks all the boxes for me so far. She’s a beauty that’s for sure


Well after just one cap full in the dynavap this flower packs a punch. My eyes are feeling heavy, yet I feel I can still get on with things. But I do really like it’s body high to it, but still helps clear the mind. Being a haze you get that energetic burst then she creep up on you an feeling more relaxed by the minute.

***Flavour ***

This is a sweet fruity inhale with what earthy exhale that still carries the sweetness to the end. It’s not harsh at all and not your average haze with that peppery spicy back end it’s very but more of a fruity haze. I haven’t had a real fruity haze in a while an this one is a great tasting flower


Over all a great product that for me is a great evening smoke. I like to unwind with a Body high an this one is up there for me, a must try for any fruity haze fans. Great job paradise cbd