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graded green vape pens

As always a massive shout to my graded family on this one. I can’t thank you enough for these new full spectrum CBD Vape pens to try out

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Strains: Mango melt,Blue dream, Lemon sherbet

Strength: 300mg / 0.5ml

*** looks and device***

Well as you can see the packing on these devices are full on eye candy. I mean they are so vibrant and full of colour. So pleasing to the eye and well designed packages.

The little mod inside the package is a little while rectangular device that has the graded logo on it with the web address. The device is rechargeable but comes full charged, so it’s ready to vape on straight away. It’s draw activated so no need to worry about pushing any buttons.

CBD vape pens

*** flavours***

Mango melt: is a full on sweet mango that lingers on the pallet so dam tasty

Blue dream: this one has a smooth berry kind of vibe with a earthy undertone

Lemon sherbet: is a full on bitter lemon with a sweet sherbet after taste.

These all taste like their extract counter part from graded so flavours are on point


All 3 of these pens make me feel very comfortable and very much ready for the day ahead. I’ve been using these for a week now an I must say they have helped with my broken foot pain the last few days. They all have helped with my mood an anxiety a lot.


Such a great set of pens that are easy to use an taste great. A must have if your look for that on the go fix. Well done gradedgreen as always another great product bought to market