Gelatti – Doctor Herb


Got to give a huge thank you to the team over at doctorherb for the Gelatti hook up it’s been my pleasure reviewing some of your work, it’s deeply appreciated and I highly recommend these guys If you haven’t checked them out then do so you won’t be disappointed.

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Strain: gelatti

Strength: 19% CBD

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this are amazing, it’s a pretty dense flower that has a mix of light and dark greens, with a generous helping of orange pistols all over. The trichome coverage is great. As for aroma I’m getting a sweet pungent fruity profile that has a kind of piney backend to it. Once this hit the grinder it’s a full on sweet berry like aroma. A very pleasant look and smelling flower that’s cured just right, a little dry but that’s no deal breaker for me.


So this one has left me feeling very mellow and ready for bed. My body is definitely feeling this one as are my eyes. I can see me sleeping well tonight. This is just what I look for in a flower and a real nice chill vibe to it.

***Flavour ***

Flavour from this is a fresh Hempy inhale on a low heat in the dynavap, on the exhale it’s a sweet fresh hemp with a sweet zing to it.

A very nice tasting flower, full on flavour from start to finish for me

doctor herb packing


This one is a great evening strain for me, an my favourite one out of all the 5 I tried so far. Another fine example of a cbd flower. Well done guys and thank you for sending out the pack and roll on the next instalment