Glueberry OG – Dispensarypens cbd

glueberry og

Here we are again with Glueberry OG, a massive shouts to the dispensarypens team for this delivery I have been wanting to try this strain a while and I’m glad I bought it. An again thank you for the other items in my delivery that were unexpected it’s deeply appreciated. If you haven’t already herd of these guys then do check out what they have to offer people.

Strain: Glueberry

Strength: 1g/ 1000mg 85%cbd 10%cbg crumble

*** looks and smell***

Yet again these guys are producing some fine extract this one is no different. Even tho this one was all crushed up it shines like glass under the light. It’s got a very sweet berry/citrus smell to it. Not over powering each note complements the next.

A sweet smelling extract that definitely makes me want to dab it even more.

glueberry og


The effects from this one off the bat I got a warm rush though out my body a great sense of euphoria. After sitting here for around 15 mins I suddenly realised that my body mind and sole have all joined as one on the plain of enlightenment. I mean this one is probably one of my favourite ones so far for effects.

***Flavour ***

Flavour on this is as it smells a sweet berry/citrusy profile, it is sweet on the inhale and just as sweet on the exhale. It’s not harsh at all just a nice smooth flavour that is well rounded and definitely on to lick your lips at


Why a great strain for me an stunning extract, great all round body and heady feel to it. This is a great day and night time strain for me but definitely one I will be keeping in my go to collection. Great jobs guys well done with this one