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cbd sour worms

Check out this CBD gummie range with me. Massive thanks as always for the support you guys have given me, it’s always appreciated and I can’t thank you enough.

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New gummie range

Strength: 20mg per sweet

*** looks and smell***

Well not a lot to be said apart from these look and smell so dam good. Just like what you’d expect in a sour worm, cola bottle or cherry’s sweets to look and smell like. Nice an sweet and juicy full of flavour with no bitter taste like some cbd gummies.

CBD sour cherries
Sour Cherries
CBD fizzy cola bottles
Fizzy Cola Bottles
CBD sour worms
Sour Worms


These sweets pack a mighty little punch at 20mg each. I advise to start with 1 sweet and take it slow with them. After around 45 mins from eating this I could feel a sense of relief and relaxation over come me. Very calming and soothing for me.

***Flavour ***

Each one of these tastes so good full on flavour bangers. Nice an sweet and full of juicy cbd goodness. You don’t get that bitter earthy taste like some cbd companies gummies do.


Such a great CBD gummie range an a great way to get your cbd fix. Take it slow and start with 1 dose then if you feel you need a little more take another. Just remember they are cbd and not to eat them 1 after another