Ketama Gold Hash – Paradise CBD

ketama gold

Massive thanks as always for the support you guys have given me here is my Ketama Gold review. It’s always appreciated and I can’t thank you enough.

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Strain: ketama gold hash

Strength: 16% cbd

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this are ketama are sexual, I have always been a soft pollen/hash kinda guy even before the love of flower an extracts. This so reminds me of a late 90s pollen bar. It’s well formed but holds shape until your ready to sprinkle it out. It goes all soft and fluffy, it really does go along way. It’s a beautiful pale green/gold in colour that has a deep earthy smell that has a sweet overtone to it. I’d like to say a sweet earthy kush kinda vibe to it.


Well for 16% cbd this one definitely kicks like a mule on a mission. My eyes are feeling very heavy, my body is so at ease right now. This is a great way to get peace all the stress behind and forget about it all. This is a real body pleaser for me an just what I look for in a pollen. A must try for all you old skool heads out there as the younger generation just won’t understand.

***Flavour ***

This one is a sweet inhale that is very smooth both on the in and exhale. On the exhale you get a deep earthy ness that is followed by a creamy sweet aftertaste.


Omg this is one for all you old skool hash/pollen lovers out there or even if you haven’t tried any before. It is a great evening strain for me an has left me feel at ease on the sofa. Great job guys well done I love it