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lemon haze extract

Massive thanks as always for the support you guys have given me, it’s always appreciated and I can’t thank you enough, this lemon haze extract is different.

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Strain: Lemon haze

Strength: 60% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Well this one is a bit different from all the other extracts I’ve tried over the last couple of year. As you can see it’s a real deep brown/reddish colour that’s almost black. It’s got a paste type of construction to it that’s like a real oily hash. It hasn’t got much of a smell to it at all. It is easy to scoop up it’s real sticky with oils but has a sort of crumble to it as you break it up.


With adding a big pea size peace to my banger an doing a cold start it took a little while to melt downs but once it did it was smooth on the throat. I am noting feeing to much from this one my mind is a little foggy today an still feeling the same after a couple of hits on this. I was expecting it to leave my banger black but it cleaned up quite easy after a couple hits so that’s a plus for me.

***Flavour ***

So this is a smooth creamy inhale couldn’t taste any lemon haze to it at all. It is it a bad profile it’s just not what I’d call a lemon haze it’s more of a hashy taste to it. I was hoping for a zesty peppery haze. Not that I don’t like the taste as some times it’s nice to have a change about.

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Well this one was a little different an not what I expected it’s to taste like at all. Itis nice if your wanting a hashy tasting extract. Still a great job guys on bringing something different to the table