Lemon Shatter – Paradise CBD

lemon shatter

First off welcome to my Lemon shatter review. Plus huge thank you to the team over at paradise cbd for adding a couple little surprises in with my order I place. I’m truly humbled by your generous gifts and I can’t wait to try them all

Manufacturer: paradise cbd

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Strength:1000mg/1g cbd/cbda 95%

Flavour profile: lemon

***Packaging and looks***

Well what is there not to love about the looks of this extract, this has got to be the clearest look shatter I’ve seen I mean this thing looks like broken glass total transparent in the bottom on the glass jar. This is one clean looking shatter that makes you second guess it’s not proper glass in the jar. Packing is your standard jar scree top jar that has there logo on the top so you know when you pick it up out of the box what you are holding, the logo is a vivid green sonic stands out well.

***Flavour and smell***

The smell from this hits the back of the nose as soon as you open the jar. Very nice sweet lemon peal kind asmell that has a earth peppery back end like you would expect from a lemon strain. Being a massive lemon haze fan this one definitely has my mouth watering. As for the Flavour it to me is just as it smells great zesty peppery inhale and on the exhale you get that sweetness that calls you to have another drag on the dynavap soon as its cooled off an ready for another heat cycle


The effects from this lemon shatter are very calming. I feel clear headed and winding down quite nicely after a stressful day at work. The sofa sounds like a good idea to me but instill feel like I’ve got that little bit of extra energy there to get on with some bits and bobs round the house. This is a great day time strain yet just as great to unwind with in the evening.

*** Over all***

Packaging 4/5

Looks and smells 5/5

Effects 5/5

This is a great shatter that I can see not lasting long, it’s flavours and effects are great. If you haven’t tried paradise cbd yet then I’d say they are well worth the try and the price tags are a real winner to. Great job guys and thanks again for sending this out to me with my order