Lemon skunk – Canevolve UK

lemon skunk

Here we go again people with a Lemon Skunk review. A massive thanks to the canevolve uk team for the hook up it’s deeply appreciated for sure. Don’t forget to check them out people


Strain: Lemon skunk

Strength: 90% 1g cbd shatter

*** looks and smell***

Right away looking at this creamy milky extract that just shines like a diamond in the light, it just screams quality. It’s very clean looking an the flat slabs are pretty solid and very easy to work with. As for smell this one does not smell like the name, being called lemon skunk you would expect some zesty lemon but this has a kind of aniseed aroma to it that is kind of earthy/skunky but has a sweet backend after that first blast of aniseed gets past the nostrils.


The effects I’m getting from this are pretty good and as soon as I took a hit in the vision I was created with that warm sense of relief. This one has helped my mood and he left me feeling pretty chilled out. My eyes are a little heavy after 2 hits so can see this one being a great strain to unwind with in the evenings.

***Flavour ***

The flavouring getting is a sweet earthy aniseed that is not what I had expected with the name. I don’t see this tasting like a lemon based extract, but it still tastes sweet not that full on aniseed but it definitely is there for me. Lucky I like aniseed balls but not in a vape juice. But in this extract it’s quite pleasing and a great rounded out profile.


Great profile just knocked off half a point due to not tasting like a lemon strain. But over all a great way to chill and unwind in the evening. Great job canevolve uk.